Why I Don’t Want to Be Successful

What is success? Money, power, fame? All of these things are quite alluring, but do they give life meaning? I’m not going to lie, I would like those things, but in the end, I would not be fulfilled by them.

I don’t want to be successful; I want to be revolutionary. I want to change the world. Click To Tweet

Bad news, I can’t, but He can. How exciting to be a part of a movement to change the world through changing minds.

Ewan Kennedy, a pastor of Church of the Redeemer, mentioned in his sermon three ways we can effect change: contact, contrast, and compassion.

In Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus talks about how Christians are the salt and light of the world. Kennedy unpacked this by looking at what salt and light meant during Biblical times. Salt was used to prevent meat from going bad. Light was a treasured commodity after dark with no street lamps. Both of these illustrations are symbols of how Christians preserve the world from its inevitable decay and shine light in the dark and lonely places.

Kennedy mentioned how salt must be worked into the meat in order to work. We are called to immerse ourselves in the world, to look hard at its decay and offer hope. I give time to this blog as a way to engage the world, to point them toward real hope. How are you in contact with the world? How have you shared the amazing hope you have been given in Christ Jesus? It is even in the small conversations over tea that we revolutionize the world.

When in such close contact with the world, we must remember to maintain our contrast to it. In verse 13, Jesus warns against the “salt losing its saltiness”. Kennedy explained that, in Biblical times, salt could actually lose its saltiness because it was gained from the sea. Seawater was dried out, and the leftovers were sold as salt. The only problem was that, if it got wet again, then it would no longer have that salty taste. A light hidden sheds no light. If the sun were completely covered, where would we get our relaxing, vitamin D filled days?

How would we lose our saltiness or our light? Kennedy points out that we do this by buying into success, by trying to be normal. We are called to be different, to be revolutionary. Christians are intriguing.

One of Kennedy’s favorite illustrations relates well to my struggle with my blog, work, and life. I continue to try to be Batman. I look to gadgets and my wits to make change in the world. Instead, Kennedy encourages us to be like Superman. We have a power within, the power of Christ, to make change in our world. Prayer and His word are our instruments, the pressure is off.

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Kennedy mentions an essential element to our revolution, communion. “Together we are salt and light. We are not to try this alone.” Build up your sisters and brothers in their revolutionary efforts!

We are revolutionary. Let the revolution begin!


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