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Why I Don’t Do Challenges – Days 8-10

I was derailed a bit by dealing with my emotions after being plagiarized. Thankfully, because of the wonderful blogging community, that has been taken care of, and the plagiarized work has been taken down.

I realized that I was still going to need to write about my 30 Day Health Challenge. My whole body groaned. I know that it is difficult to form habits, but I also felt that I needed to work through the emotions that I had from having some of my best work stolen from me. This made me realize why I don’t do the 30 Days to Better Abs or 30 Day Fasting Challenges.

My body doesn’t work that way. Although I would like to form habits like regular people do, I am usually derailed within the first week due to the fluctuation of fibromyalgia symptoms. The worst thing to do when that happens is to push through it. This will always worsen the symptoms.

So, now, a part of my day to day life must include giving myself the grace to do as much as I can, but not be frustrated with myself for not being able to do more. My rule follower self always wants to keep every rule in a challenge. In order to finish challenges though, I have had to make accommodations for myself.

No, I do not really do challenges. I use them as a template for a general direction I want to go with my health. That way I am not disappointed in myself and don’t hurt myself.

What I Did

Exercise: Yoga Poses Every Day/A Walk Around the Neighborhood

Colostrum: One Teaspoon with Orange Juice with Pulp

Writing: In my blog and commenting on others’ blogs

Meditation: Finished reading The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp. Here is a quote I mulled over:

Eating: Only when hungry


How I Felt

Exercise: Because I didn’t do any high impact workouts, I had more difficulty with movement sometimes

Colostrum: I have been steadily feeling better, and the orange juice really helps me to take it.

Writing: A whole range of emotions: I was angry at first, even wanted to just stop writing. My logic was if someone is just going to steal my work, why would I even put the effort in? You can see more of my emotions through this letter to my plagiarizer.

MeditationI can take my brokenness in being imperfect, having fibromyalgia, still clinging to my selfishness to God. This was freeing and felt like a wound had been opened in order to clean it; let the infection of perfectionism be pressed out and replaced with the gospel of grace.

Eating: My stomach is hurting pretty badly. I’m not sure if that is just me struggling with anxiety or if it is because of the chocolate I ate.


I’m tired, and I’m going to bed. Being tired is a part of the weakness that God has allowed me to have so that His strength can shine more brightly through me. Monday is another opportunity to witness how He will work. I look forward to seeing what He will do. Don’t you? I look forward to hearing how He works in your week just as He works in mine.

How has this challenge changed the way you view life? What were some things you had to change? Which things worked?

How has God worked in and through you this past week?


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