What I Learned – Days 24 – 30

Can you believe that we finished the challenge? It has been long and hard, but I think that I have learned a lot about health and happiness in the process.

  • I will never be perfect, and I must accept that.

If you look back on the days of this challenge there were many times where I had to say that I didn’t or couldn’t do an element of the challenge. I am learning to realize that is okay. To be limited is to be human. Learning to rest in His grace has brought me so much joy.

  • Accountability is key to following through.

There were so many times that I didn’t want to work out, take colostrum, eat right, or meditate. The fact though that I was going to need to let you know how the challenge was going helped me to actually continue with the challenge. I realize now that I must have others to keep me accountable to do the things for my body that I know are good.

  • Celebrate little wins.

It feels so good to have stuck with this challenge all the way through. Of course, I wasn’t perfect about it, but I am a happier and healthier person now than when I started. I learned to celebrate anything that I did do right. This taught me to feel better about myself and encouraged me to continue.

  • Every day is fresh.

I have to give myself mercy. Every single time I messed up in this challenge, I learned to not beat myself up. I let myself remember that it is not about being perfect but about trying to be more healthy every day.


I know that I was not perfect by any means in following this challenge, but I think that it served its purpose. I am a healthier and happier person today. Now, I write regularly which helps me to work through my thoughts. Colostrum is something I now take every week. I have noticed a great improvement in my health. My badly twisted ankle has healed faster than any of my other ankle sprains ever have. Having regular devotions has helped to renew my mind, to put everything in perspective. I have been realizing that eating is a big source of comfort for me. I know that it will be a long road to face this, but I am glad that this has helped me see where I turn to instead of God.


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