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    Break Free of Negativity

    Do we have a habit of complaining but want to break free of our negative thinking? Yes! Writing down our complaints was the first step to our awareness. This awareness of negativity can help us find the lies that we are believing that trap us in our complaining hamster wheel of thinking. By addressing these lies with the truth of positivity, we can start writing positive truths to combat our negative thought habits. To do this, we created an exercise that we hope you will find helpful too. We free wrote our complaints using the starter “Why can’t I…” Then we countered these statements with the truth, using “I can…”…

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    Say Yes to Freedom

    This post may contain affiliate links. This quote sums up Year of Yes by Shona Rhimes well. What I like about this quote and what I don’t like about it sums up my feelings toward this book. Everyone can all agree that we don’t want crappy things to happen to us. There is a sense in which one can demand more than just accepting crap. My situation may not change, my fibromyalgia isn’t going away any time soon, but the way I deal with it can. My attitude toward the crappy things can change just how crappy they are. I do not believe I am in control of what happens in my…

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    It’s Physical Therapy! – Day 6

    I’m sitting in the parking lot of my physical therapist. I go to physical therapy on the recommendation from my doctor for fibromyalgia. I never look forward to going to physical therapy, but I always feel better afterward. Let’s see what today brings shall we? I am already counting today as a win because I wasn’t sure if I could make it through the day at work. I did, and I was even able to drive myself to physical therapy after that! What I Did Exercise: Stationary Biking, Stretches, Side Planks, Bridges Colostrum: One Tablespoon Writing: Blog, Notes Meditation: Encouragement from others: You will be perfect someday. Today is not…

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