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    Secrets to Keeping a Full-Time Job with Chronic Pain

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I claim that if you follow all of these techniques and tips you will be able to keep a full-time job with chronic pain because chronic pain is different for each person. I just hope to share some of the things that have helped me in order to hopefully help you. Also, I am getting no money from this. They are all suggestions from the bottom of the heart. So, if I sound like I am trying to sell something, it is just because I believe in it so much. A few years ago, my advisor for student teaching asked me whether…

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    How to Fight Depression

    You may be expecting to read easy platitudes like: be more thankful, focus on others, and something the equivalent of – you’re not really depressed, you just need more sleep. Although there is some truth to these things, as someone who has struggled with the depression entangled with chronic illness, part of me stops listening when I hear these solutions. I have trudged through depression and want to give you some real tips to work through it that don’t require you to be superhuman, because, I hate to break it to you, you’re not.   Treat Yourself I thought of naming this post “How Getting a Manicure Changed My Life: And…

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    How My Fibromyalgia Makes Me a Better Special Education Teacher

    When my student asks me to repeat what I just said, I understand. Sometimes I don’t understand something the first time due to my extended processing time I need from my fibromyalgia. This is sometimes due to my brain fog, fatigue, or from being in so much pain. What happens is that people are speaking English, a language I am fluent in, and I it sounds like they are speaking a foreign language. I have to ask them to repeat themselves in order to even understand what they are saying. I can empathize with the terrible feeling of being laughed at because others have thought you were dumb for not…

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    How to Heal After You’re Broken

    This post may contain affiliate links.   My wonderful mother-in-law gave me a book that has helped me heal emotionally from the brokenness in my life, including fibromyalgia. Of course, this is an ongoing process, full of continual turning to God, but this book has really helped. My favorite quotes: I underlined so many sentences in this book that spoke to me in my current circumstances. I hope that you find encouragement in these quotes and my reflection on them.   The miracle happens in the breaking. A recurring theme in this book is being broken, the joy that can come from the pain. This turns my normal thinking from…

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    What to Do With Chronic Illness Guilt

    Thank you to The Mighty for publishing this post! My husband opens the door for me, and I slip into the front seat. Suddenly, I feel the familiar shooting pain. Immediately my mind goes through a checklist:   Did I have sugar? Well, I mean, not directly. Just a little, maybe 3 pieces of dark chocolate. It was dark chocolate though! That stuff is supposed to be good for you, right?   Did I have dairy? No, I didn’t! I said no to the pleasant smell and warmth of pizza, free pizza, today! I should get a medal!   Did I sleep well last night? No. No I did not.…

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    30 Day Health Challenge – Days 18-23

    This post may contain affiliate links. Welcome to my 30-day journey to a healthier and happier self. If you want to join me from the beginning, click the picture above. Day 18 Exercise: None – still in a lot of pain from running Colostrum: Nope Writing: Interacting with others’ blogs Meditation: Isaiah 66:10-14 As one whom his mother comforts; so I will comfort you. Eating: Nothing weird, some dairy, lots of tea (Lipton Herbal Supplement, Stress Less, 15 ct, 0.79 oz). Day 19 Exercise: Yoga stretches Colostrum: None Writing: In blog and in my journal which made me feel restful and focused. Meditation: I journaled in response to questions from Grace for the…

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    Tips for Coping with Pain

    This post may contain affiliate links. I have dealt with fibromyalgia my whole life, but I have only recently been diagnosed with it. Having a name for my unexplained pain is actually quite helpful. When you have a name for what you are dealing with, you can find out productive ways to deal with that pain. My Top Ways to Deal with Pain: Don’t be afraid to take the painkillers. For some reason, I always thought that I was weak if I took them, that I wouldn’t be listening to my body and would hurt myself. Not true. There is no shame in using what you can in order to…

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    Why I Don’t Do Challenges – Days 8-10

    I was derailed a bit by dealing with my emotions after being plagiarized. Thankfully, because of the wonderful blogging community, that has been taken care of, and the plagiarized work has been taken down. I realized that I was still going to need to write about my 30 Day Health Challenge. My whole body groaned. I know that it is difficult to form habits, but I also felt that I needed to work through the emotions that I had from having some of my best work stolen from me. This made me realize why I don’t do the 30 Days to Better Abs or 30 Day Fasting Challenges. My body…

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    Say Yes to Freedom

    This post may contain affiliate links. This quote sums up Year of Yes by Shona Rhimes well. What I like about this quote and what I don’t like about it sums up my feelings toward this book. Everyone can all agree that we don’t want crappy things to happen to us. There is a sense in which one can demand more than just accepting crap. My situation may not change, my fibromyalgia isn’t going away any time soon, but the way I deal with it can. My attitude toward the crappy things can change just how crappy they are. I do not believe I am in control of what happens in my…

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    Thank You for Plagiarizing Me

    Dear Plagiarizer, If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, stealing is a sign of great love? When you copied and pasted my article from The Mighty, I was confused at first. I read the title on your website, but, then I felt the most terrible feeling when it said by (not my name). My heart dropped to my toes. I felt a terrible sense of imbalance like my soul had been punched. I was shocked and angry. It is one thing to steal someone’s jewelry but another level to steal their words and call them your own. You have now had at least 120 shares on Facebook with your…

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