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    Secrets to Keeping a Full-Time Job with Chronic Pain

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I claim that if you follow all of these techniques and tips you will be able to keep a full-time job with chronic pain because chronic pain is different for each person. I just hope to share some of the things that have helped me in order to hopefully help you. Also, I am getting no money from this. They are all suggestions from the bottom of the heart. So, if I sound like I am trying to sell something, it is just because I believe in it so much. A few years ago, my advisor for student teaching asked me whether…

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    30 Day Fibro-Friendly Health Challenge – Day 3

    Click the picture above to join me from the beginning of this 30 Day Fibro-Friendly Health Challenge. Part of taking care of yourself is knowing when to rest. This day 3 of my 30 Day Fibromyalgia-Friendly Health Challenge had to be dedicated to rest in the form of not doing my cardio workout. After having an encouraging conversation with a woman who also has fibromyalgia, I realized that allowing myself grace in the form of rest is essential to a healthy mind and body. Tears flowed when talking about what a struggle it is to form habits when you have fibromyalgia, the inevitably of a fibro flare will happen which…

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    8 Foods to Kick that Sugar Craving

    This post may contain affiliate links.   I have found that, with my Fibromyalgia, refined sugar causes my symptoms to get worse. This may be because sugar is a natural inflammatory, so, in order to reduce my sugar intake, I am trying to limit my consumption of added sugars like those in ice creams, theatre box candies, popsicle, Italian ices, milkshakes, and cookies. This has drastically improved my mood and general health. Why not try it?   Want Ice Cream? Try… Greek Yogurt – This yogurt has the least amount of sugar compared to other yogurt. I like to eat mine with granola and/or fruit. This is a great substitute…

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