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Saying No to Sugar

A follow-up to 8 Foods to Kick that Sugar Craving and inspired by Everygirl’s article I Quit Sugar for a Week and Here’s What Happened

I am going on the daring journey of braving the teaching world without beautiful and comforting sugar. Oh, dear, I can already tell that I have a problem. My difficulty is not so much at home, except for eating chocolate. Any teacher will tell you that the environment of a school is stuffed with candy and other sweet opportunities to expand a waistline. I am going to try my best to not eat sugar this week, at home or at school.

Day 1

I almost immediately regretted making this decision. I have been craving sugar all day. I guess that shows me just how much I need to fast from sugar. I had some frozen pineapple to scratch my sugar itch, but, man, do I miss chocolate!

Day 2

Oh my goodness! Why do I do these things to myself! I am very emotional right now, if you haven’t noticed, and I just really want some SUGAR! Why can’t I have my sugar? One of my co-workers even offered me sugar because she knew I was sad, oh, wait, I see now. Even my co-workers know about my addiction. Okay, time to stop. Time for some fresh strawberries. (By the way, those were delicious and much more satisfying than sugar.)

Day 3

Still going strong. No sugar today. I am starting to not miss it too much. Maybe I am breaking this addiction?

Day 4

I broke down! Noooo! They had gluten-free cookies for Teacher Appreciation Week. They put them out, it feels like, just for me! I took one of each kind. 5 cookies. Oh dear. It was pleasant to eat them, but about 30 minutes later all of my joints started hurting. It was bad. I suppose I know now that I shouldn’t eat sugar, at all. Man, I hate this.

Day 5

A student teacher made rice crispies for us! It was mixed with peanut butter and topped with chocolate. I took one bite of it and was nauseated by how sweet it was. Well, I guess that’s a good thing? I was rather bummed, but I realized that it was probably for the best.

Day 6

I didn’t have the energy to make breakfast, so I grabbed 2 of our Nature Valley Protein Bars. Bad idea. They have chocolate in them and have a rather high amount of sugar. I felt nauseated. Later that day, I had a large amount of protein which really helped, but I then had cranberry juice later. Not probably the best idea, but I was thirsty and water sounded nauseating. Hmm, it seems like I have a theme of nausea this week in relation to sugar?

Day 7

For dinner, I had toast with peanut butter and chocolate chips on it. It was quite delicious, but, as I am writing this, my stomach hurts and my hands/arms hurt. Then again, my stomach hurt before eating the toast, so that may not be the sugar. The pain, that probably is the sugar, but I think I am also getting a little sick again.


So, do I recommend not eating sugar for a week? Yes? It really stinks, and, as you know, I didn’t quite do it. Sugar does seem to increase my pain and nausea, but each person is different. Deciding to not eat sugar this week made me eat it in moderation and realize that I go to it for comfort instead of God. This is a heart issue that I must address with Him.

Did you take the challenge with me to eat no sugar this week? I posted the challenge before I tried it on my Facebook page.

If not, are you going to try it? 


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