My Guest Posts

Here is a collection of my guest posts from most recent to my very first guest post ever. Enjoy!

Ruth In Revolt

I’m not going to lie, I fangirled a bit when she decided to post my win on her blog. I have been so encouraged by Ruth and consider ourselves blogging friends. Her blog is an honest yet positive look into mental illness. She speaks about many issues that need to be discussed but people feel uncomfortable talking about. Ruth also has amazing tips for creating and working on your blog. I certainly have used many of them!

Celebrate the Wins – June

Go check it out! Ruth compiled responses from a bunch of bloggers about their wins. Mine is actually listed first! If you are looking for something positive to read, look no further.

Song Bugs

I responded to their desire for guest posts and enjoyed working with them. The site is all about connecting music and schooling. Since music and teaching are both passions of mine, I thought this would be the perfect fit for me.

How Music Can Aid In the Learning of Speech for Students Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

This was my first post from my professional expertise as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher. It was exciting to talk about hearing and how it affects speech acquisition. I drew on my study abroad experience in Montpellier, France, learning about the French system for working with the deaf and hard of hearing.

Wonderful Women

Deeksha Tripathi is such a pleasure to work with, so kind and sweet! I have really enjoyed getting to know her better by doing a guest post for her and joining her Facebook group. I absolutely love her collection of stories from admirable women around the world of which I feel honored to be one.

What Wonderful Women Around the World Wanna Share This Christmas!

This was my first collaborative post. I am so honored to be among these wonderful women from around the world!

My Fibromyalgia Story

This is where I succinctly tell my journey from frustration and mystery to my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Although the people who helped me during that time are not specifically named, I took this opportunity to show how the encouragement of others can improve quality of life, something I hope to do for others through The Recovering Perfectionist.

The Flat Circle

John Saeger was my first real blogger friend. We actually did a guest post exchange. He wrote a wonderful piece on using music for relaxation. I was excited to bring an analysis of TV media to this media-centric cite.

Supergirl and Postive Change

I enjoyed writing this post immensely as it drew on my English and film roots. I was surprised that a show that seemed so terribly unrealistic in its optimism would capture my heart and even provide me with some interesting intellectual fodder about the roles of women in their reaction to change.

The Mighty

I am so honored to have written for this site because it is a beautiful group of people dealing with the difficulties of life. They say it best, “We face disability, disease, and mental illness together.” I found this site and its community immensely encouraging when I was first wrestling with my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I wanted to give back to the community that had helped me so much, so I decided to write some articles for them.

How My Husband Helped Remind Me That Fibromyalgia Is Not My Fault

Another dialogue-heavy piece where I retell a conversation my husband and I had during one of my fibro-flares. My husband’s personality and humor come across in piece beautifully, and I think you will understand better why I fell in love with him.

‘Are You Okay?’: Getting Through the Day with Fibromyalgia

The article describes my day as a teacher with fibromyalgia told in a heavy dialogued style with a flashback to my first issues with fibromyalgia. This was my first ever guest post and was plagiarized.

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