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Kate Spade: Thoughts on Suicide

Kate Spade was iconic. I grew up admiring Audrey Hepburn and found someone who made it possible for me to modernize my idealism based on her. Kate Spade was the representation of joy and sophistication. When I received a beautiful Kate Spade bag I felt confident, sophisticated, and fun. The day I learned about Kate Spade’s suicide, my world collapsed a little. How can the creator of such a joyful brand become so terribly sad that she would take her own life?

Suicide is a scary subject that is difficult to grasp. Suicide has been used by two manipulators in my life. One was someone I was in a relationship with who let me know about their previous suicidal thoughts. This information was the basis of a long manipulation to keep me in the relationship and compliant with his wants. The other person was a relative who would remind me of their visits to the mental hospital for suicidal thoughts. This was the underlying menace behind their tirades against me.

Although there are those who use it as manipulation, suicide can also be someone’s inner demon that they fight against every day. It starts as little lies and grows into the biggest lie – the world would be a better place without us. Suicidal thoughts are sneaky. For some, suicidal thoughts are the lies that they must face every day. These lies slowly rob someone of their joy. Eventually, this sadness drains them of energy to the point where it takes too much energy just to get out of bed.

Fibromyalgia is actually known to increase depression and even increase the likelihood of suicide. Pain is a greatly disheartening trial to live with every day. There is always a great desire to end the pain. I have to admit that on fibro-flare days, I completely understand wanting to end the pain by ending your life. This is why I have to write and talk out these feelings. The more I bring them to light, the less power they have over me. These thoughts are difficult to express, but the act of expressing them is healing. This is my little way to fight for joy.

*I don’t pretend to be a psychologist, so, please, if you are dealing with the terrible lie that you should kill yourself call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.*

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How has Kate Spade’s death affected you?

Do you have a story of how you overcame suicidal thoughts?



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