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It’s Physical Therapy! – Day 6

I’m sitting in the parking lot of my physical therapist. I go to physical therapy on the recommendation from my doctor for fibromyalgia. I never look forward to going to physical therapy, but I always feel better afterward. Let’s see what today brings shall we?

I am already counting today as a win because I wasn’t sure if I could make it through the day at work. I did, and I was even able to drive myself to physical therapy after that!

What I Did

Exercise: Stationary Biking, Stretches, Side Planks, Bridges

Colostrum: One Tablespoon

Writing: Blog, Notes


  • Encouragement from others:

You will be perfect someday. Today is not that Day.

And, even if today doesn’t go as hoped, He is still good. Still in control. Still loves you.

  • Devotions:

You are His. You are not lost, you are not overcome, you are not alone. – James Kessler

Eating: 6:30 AM – 8 PM

How I Felt

Exercise: Loosened up, refreshed, energized

Colostrum: Pretty good actually. I am happy that I took it because it seems like people at school are getting sick and this bovine colostrum is supposed to help my immune system.

Writing: Frenzied joy like “I must write.” combined with “I just like working through my thoughts this way.”

Meditation: Intermittent calmness of spirit, repeating the truths over and over, grasping for a tall glass of cool water for my soul

Eating: Really bloated and nauseated. I think I had a migraine for some of the day. I had to extend my eating schedule today to accommodate for a date with my husband. My awful symptoms were happening before the extended schedule though. My stomach felt better after exercising, but it was still bloated.

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