How to “Treat Yo’self” on a Budget

Jeju Sauna

This sauna, in Duluth, GA, is amazing! It has several different kinds of saunas and pools plus access to a gym all for $25 for 24 hours. I went there from 2 PM – 7 PM. I have heard that it may be a different atmosphere in the evening, but I had a very pleasant experience.

If you have a little extra, I paid an extra $30 for a Hip Bath, and I highly recommend it. My friend got a Body Shampoo for a little extra, and she loved it. We both ate at the little restaurant inside where the prices are reasonable. You can also get your nails done there, but I didn’t check that out.



I bought Sally Hanson Miracle Gel Step 1 (Color) and Step 2 (Top Coat) and used them to give myself a manicure for a total of $14. Tip: You don’t have to be careful about not getting nail polish on your cuticles because, later, you can wash it off with warm water!


Porch Time

I took some time reading on our porch with a cup of detoxifying tea. The outdoors is FREE!, my book was $13 (but that could have been FREE! from the library), and the tea was $.20 per tea bag.



My husband is the best masseuse ever. He understands what works for me with my Fibromyalgia. I can’t go to a regular masseuse because, many times, they press some pressure points that cause my fibro to flare-up. It is also just less weird to have someone you know, like a friend, or a husband, to give you a massage. FREE!

Self-Care isn’t selfish. – chronicallybox

So, go, “Treat Yo’self”!

Do you have any other ideas of how to “treat yo’self” on a budget? Have you tried any of these ideas? Any suggestions for improvements on these ideas?

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