How to Thrive in Quarantine

As someone who has been learning to live joyfully through chronic illness, I feel uniquely able to speak to making the most of this historical, nationwide event.

My husband would like for me to remind my readers that this isn’t technically called a quarantine unless you do have COVID-19 or have been around someone with it. I am still going to use the term quarantine though because I don’t think there really has been a word invented to define what this is.

My husband’s lab has been busy processing hundreds of tests from Georgia alone. They were even in a national news article. Check it out. They are working so hard, and I am so proud to be married to LifeHope‘s Lab Manager.

Want access to testing kits?

Now, back to my expertise, advice for those who are stuck at home.

Adventures For Quarantine Life:

I haven’t been able to “visit” them all, but I did take some time to “tour” The Louvre. It was just as if I was there, and I have actually been there.

  • Get Moving

My schedule for movement goes something like this, a different type of movement for each day:

MondayPiYo for Beginners – I actually invested in the PiYo DVD and have loved the results.

TuesdayZumba Strong – There are so many Zumba workouts for FREE on YouTube, but the Zumba Strong workouts are the most intense.

Wednesday – Walk to Chipotle – It’s quite a beautiful walk of 1.5 miles there and 1.5 miles back.

ThursdayYoga for Beginners – I especially like the Sunrise Salutation.

FridayTai Chi for Beginners – There are bunch of more advanced Tai Chi exercises on YouTube, but this is a great place to start out.

Saturday – Walk with My Husband In Nature – He says I’m not allowed to call it a hike because it usually isn’t longer than an hour nor requires planning nor requires a backpack. Makes sense 🙂

I also try to do Pure Barre Live or Pure Barre On Demand whenever possible. Not the same as doing it in person, but it is a good challenge. I think the Pure Barre Live is only for those who are already members of a brick and mortar Pure Barre, but I’m not sure. My studio set up a private Facebook group for Pure Barre Live.

My friends and I have had virtual tea parties over Skype. It can be so heart-warming just to see the faces of those you love. Some other great resources for video chats are: Zoom (We used this for school meetings already, and it has worked great!) and Microsoft Teams (I have used this with several of my students, but it seems the connection isn’t as good as Zoom.)

I haven’t tried any of the other options, but I would love to hear about what is working for you.

  • Write to Friends

I enjoyed writing encouraging notes to my friends and sending them through snail mail. I used these postcards which I love and leftover forever postage stamps from our wedding.

I am quite excited about this. I haven’t watched any of these yet, but on my list to watch is A Winter’s Tale and King Lear. There are even more contemporary options as well as operas. Even The Met is getting on board. Wigmore Hall is also providing free classes and concerts.

  • Learn Something New

Ivy League colleges are offering FREE courses. I’m thinking about taking the Greek and Roman Mythology Course because Mythology is the next course I will be teaching my 9th graders. I can always learn more.

That’s all I’m aware of now, but, please, feel free to add anything that you have found to help during this difficult time.

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