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How to Restart Your Body

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Do you ever want to restart your body? Want to flush your system of toxins? Do you want to kick those food cravings that keep creeping up on you? You can give your body a chance to restart its digestive system. I did a juice cleanse for 2 days! Should you do the same? Check out my review.

Arden’s Garden 2-Day Detox

Day 1

I regretted doing the juice cleanse almost immediately. It had a very strong taste that my body just didn’t like. Eventually, I got kind of used to it. As long as I was drinking while I was doing something else it was fine. I felt energetic for the first 6 hours, but then I started getting tired. The whole gallon was gone by the end of the day.

Day 2

My throat was terribly sore when I woke up. I tried to drink some of the detox right away, but it burned all the way down my throat. Then I realized, this might not be the best juice cleanse for people who have acid reflux. What are some foods you shouldn’t eat if you have acid reflux? Lemons, grapefruits, and oranges. What was this juice made up of? Yep, you guessed it. All three. So, I drank more water that day, probably about the same amount that I drank of the juice. I didn’t finish this gallon, but I was proud of myself for not eating.

I was amazed that both days I didn’t have any convulsions. I usually have some every day, and now I am pretty sure that I can manage my convulsions by not eating dairy, sugar, or over eating.

Life After

I woke up and felt terribly sick. This is probably because I was lacking all of the nutrients that the rest of the gallon would give me. I took two tablespoons of Immune Tree Colostrum6 Powder, Certified 6-Hour Colostrum, 2.2lb. (1 Kilo) to heal my throat and gut, having put my digestive system a lot these past two days.

About 2 hours after I took the colostrum, I felt significantly better. I still didn’t feel hungry which, if you know me, is hard to imagine. Food is like my best friend, and that is one of the reasons I did this cleanse. Also, I wanted to deal with my obsession with dairy and sugar. I thought both might be worsening my fibromyalgia symptoms because they are both inflammatory foods. I am not craving dairy or sugar, which I feel is quite the miracle. I feel full quicker. My husband says that it is because my stomach shrank during this process instead of being in a stretched state. This makes perfect sense, since he is actually well versed in the science of the body, even manages a lab. Also, my intestines are working properly now. Issues with digestion is a common symptom of fibromyalgia, and I am so thankful to have cleaned out my gut for it to work properly.

So, Do I Recommend a Juice Cleanse?

Yes, I do. It won’t necessarily be pleasant, but it will help you gain control over your cravings that have control over you. A juice cleanse can help you clean out bacteria and other unwanted toxins from your body. You will feel more healthy. Now, should you get Arden’s Garden 2-Day Detox? I say yes, if you don’t have severe acid reflux, because this juice cleanse gives you the proper nutrients to heal your body as you deprive it of food. It can avoid your body going into shock. I’m not sure if I will use this particular juice cleanse in the future, but I look forward to trying out new options. My husband and I have been talking about doing the Love Your Liver juice cleanse from Arden’s Garden together. This one contains less citrus which is good for me, and it has different juices to drink throughout the day. This one is 3 Days though! Well, I’ll let you know how it turns out if I do it.


  • Erica

    Great feedback! I am currently on hour 5 and I was a bit skeptical about this 2 day detox. I am highly addicted to sugar and dairy so this will be an interesting detox for sure.
    I don’t like grapefruit, however this drink isn’t as bad as I expected. I’m half way through the gallon as I’m drinking the 12oz’s as opposed to 8oz’s.
    My only recommendation is: do this detox at home! Do not drink this thinking you can run errands and go to work. I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve gone every hour. I’ll provide another update at the end, but found this article pretty helpful.

    • Elizabeth Auwarter

      Thank you for sharing your experience! That is a very good point. You should not do this while at work. I’m glad the article was helpful!

  • amy

    I’ve always wondered about doing a juice cleanse! I appreciated your honesty about all the aspects of your experience, including how it was hard. Thanks for sharing!

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