How Mindfulness Protects You as You Get Older

Recent research shows us that the frequent practice of mindfulness can have many positive effects on the mental, physical and emotional health of older adults.

What is Mindful Ageing?

Mindful ageing boils down to accepting rather than fearing or denying the realities of getting older. Many people tend to view old age solely in negative terms, associating it with decrepitude and disease. In contrast, the mindful approach reframes old age in a more positive way and instead focuses on the exciting changes and new opportunities that come about as you age.

A Useful Coping Tool

As you age, you will experience a diverse range of challenges (e.g. loss, sickness, pain etc.). Mindfulness offers a useful coping strategy so that you can handle these in a healthy manner. By taking a mindful approach, you can embrace the positive elements of getting older while also accepting the negative things that you cannot change. 

The Health Benefits of Mindful Ageing

Academic studies have linked mindfulness with numerous positive outcomes among seniors, including:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better memory
  • Lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety
  • Boosts focus and attention

Find Out More About Mindful Ageing

If you are keen to discover more about the connection between mindfulness and positive aging, then you should certainly peruse the infographic below from Be Independent Home Care. This helpful guide offers an interesting introduction to the subject and features some practical advice on how to fit mindful practice into your daily routine.

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