Creating Spaces to Encourage the Feeling ‘Hygge’ at Parties

We are so excited to have Samantha Black write for us! She is an expert in creating spaces, so we asked her to help us understand how to create hygge space in our homes for parties.

Denmark and Norway are at the top of the rankings (3rd and 2nd) in the world’s happiest countries. The happiness score by the Danes and Norwegians can be attributed to its welfare system, social capital and good life expectancy. But apart from these statistics, many people, including experts, believe that the cultural practice, especially for the Danish, called hygge contributes to the joy that they feel. And it has been regarded as part of Denmark’s national DNA.

Hygge is a Danish word which means to give courage, comfort or joy. But it goes far than what the etymology is. Essentially, it is a practice of creating warm ambiance. It is about enjoying the good things in life, even the simple ones. Watching a movie with a loved one or a candlelight dinner is hygge. It is about being in the present time, living on it, and rejoicing the moment. Meeting with friends or loved ones, laughing together and talking about anything good. And it is doing such things with good people or alone. This is what hygge is. It is a cultural practice but for many people it has become a lifestyle.

One way to make hygge a habit is to incorporate it to events or parties. Hygge brings the life and light to every aspect of the party, from food to spaces. With this, you can provide a warm atmosphere even during the chilling coldness of winter. And you don’t need to go to Norway or Denmark, meet Danish people or eat in a Danish restaurant just to experience hygge. You can do it at any place and at any given time. Here are useful tips on how to integrate hygge in one of your parties.


A cozy ambience is usually provided by lighting candles. In fact, lighting is an essential element in hygge. Instead of flashing or luxurious lights, try having a dinner with the glow, scent and warmth. Although mostly used for romantic dates, candles are equally good when it comes to parties, especially with families and closest friends. You don’t need though to flood your venue with candles. You just need enough to achieve such coziness. Apart from candles, you can also add tea lights or fairy lights from event rental companies. For lighting, be gentle with your choices as possible.


When we hear the word party, usually we associate it with dance, music or mini guitar. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. At times, you need to just get a laid-back moments – minus the anxiety, boredom or any form of negativity. This is what hygge wants to accomplish. It brings people closer, and creates intimate occasions of long conversations, laughter and kind interactions. Being intimate also means having small circles because you can’t make a relevant talk to a large number of people, which shoves the intimacy away.


Nowadays, parties are about glitz and glamour, from accessories to apparel. It’s great actually but at times, it sets a boundary for people to be candid. This time, you and your guests try to be casual, and shy away from fancy. Being casual also exudes openness which allows people to freely express their sentiments with one another. It removes walls, boundaries or standards and gravitates people to communicate without judgment, bias or prejudice.


Getting comfortable also applies to food. Meals should not only fulfill your appetite but also nourishes your soul. This is why comfort food is the hygge menu. The dishes have to be welcoming and accessible to everyone. Try cooking a hot soup and add wine or cocktails to drive intimacy and casualness. Comfort food depends on time and the weather like a coffee and cinnamon buns in the morning. It is supposed to make you feel contented and warm.

Get Comfy

There is a time for luxury and posh amenities, and a valuable time to just
get comfy. You can all wear socks and snuggle under the blankets while watching light movies. Adorn your little nests with cushions and other squishy throws while you gather around and start light conversations, politics and world issues excluded. Just be yourself, have fun and make the most of your intimate time together. There is no need to worry about anything. All is well.

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