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    How to Keep Faith Through Suffering

    I recently came back from The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2018, an encouraging time with 8,000 other Christian women that challenged and grew me. “Listening In” Session: Wrestling with Chronic Illness was like a drink of cool water in the desert of my fibromyalgia. Their stories and words of wisdom not only apply to those with chronic illness but all those who are wrestling with suffering of any kind. The session was in the question and answer format with Elicia Horton (MS), Kori Porter (Endometriosis), and Vaneetha Rendall Risner (Polio). At the beginning, each woman shared a little of their story. Some of my favorite quotes from their testimonies are:…

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    My Self-Care Toolkit

      Here is a peek into my self-care toolkit! These are the things that have helped me the most in the past year. I hope you find it helpful! Journals have always been an essential part of my self-care routine. Writing helps me to gather my thoughts and work through stress. I have a whole box full of journals written to the brim with wishes, dreams, and prayers. I guess my sister-in-law knew that pretty well because she gave me this journal for my birthday last year, and I absolutely love it. On the cover is written, “Chic Happens”, and it is my favorite color! The pages have a wonderful…

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    Kate Spade: Thoughts on Suicide

    Kate Spade was iconic. I grew up admiring Audrey Hepburn and found someone who made it possible for me to modernize my idealism based on her. Kate Spade was the representation of joy and sophistication. When I received a beautiful Kate Spade bag I felt confident, sophisticated, and fun. The day I learned about Kate Spade’s suicide, my world collapsed a little. How can the creator of such a joyful brand become so terribly sad that she would take her own life? Suicide is a scary subject that is difficult to grasp. Suicide has been used by two manipulators in my life. One was someone I was in a relationship with…

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    The Music That Relaxes My Mind

    A Guest Post By John Saeger I enjoy music. I have frequently found that music has a positive effect on my mental health. The right songs can make a long drive feel like a regular commute. A good mix can keep up someone’s energy level during a workout. Nothing is better than a great concert. Music can also be therapeutic. Thanks to a new approach to listening, some of my favorite music relaxes my mind and provides a beneficial effect on my daily life. How Music Relaxes My Mind I recently discovered the rewards of listening to music as a way to relax. I have been attempting different strategies to…

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    How to Restart Your Body

    This post may contain affiliate links. Do you ever want to restart your body? Want to flush your system of toxins? Do you want to kick those food cravings that keep creeping up on you? You can give your body a chance to restart its digestive system. I did a juice cleanse for 2 days! Should you do the same? Check out my review. Arden’s Garden 2-Day Detox Day 1 I regretted doing the juice cleanse almost immediately. It had a very strong taste that my body just didn’t like. Eventually, I got kind of used to it. As long as I was drinking while I was doing something else…

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    The Ultimate Summer List

    This post may contain affiliate links. Summer vacation is here! Oh, why don’t we make this a challenge? Let’s see how many of these we can do. No worries if you can’t do them all. It will just be fun to try! Here’s a PDF version for you to print so that you can check off all the fun that you do! The Ultimate Summer List Go for a walk – I’m going to try some of these places. Pick something from Pinterest and make it Pick one of the books off of the New York Times bestseller list and read it – May I recommend: I recommend this book to anyone who…

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    How to Deal with Change

    How you react to change tells a lot about you. What do you do? Different ways to react to change: Try to ignore it – I don’t suggest this. Usually, this becomes more and more difficult until it bubbles over until it must be focused on. Fight it – I also don’t suggest this. Before you feel like I am judging, know that I have used all of these ways to handle the stress of change. I know these all too well. Try to understand it – This can be dangerous because you can’t always understand change or why it happens. Sometimes things happen, and we don’t know why. We…

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    What I Learned – Days 24 – 30

    Can you believe that we finished the challenge? It has been long and hard, but I think that I have learned a lot about health and happiness in the process. I will never be perfect, and I must accept that. If you look back on the days of this challenge there were many times where I had to say that I didn’t or couldn’t do an element of the challenge. I am learning to realize that is okay. To be limited is to be human. Learning to rest in His grace has brought me so much joy. Accountability is key to following through. There were so many times that I…

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    What to Do With Chronic Illness Guilt

    Thank you to The Mighty for publishing this post! My husband opens the door for me, and I slip into the front seat. Suddenly, I feel the familiar shooting pain. Immediately my mind goes through a checklist:   Did I have sugar? Well, I mean, not directly. Just a little, maybe 3 pieces of dark chocolate. It was dark chocolate though! That stuff is supposed to be good for you, right?   Did I have dairy? No, I didn’t! I said no to the pleasant smell and warmth of pizza, free pizza, today! I should get a medal!   Did I sleep well last night? No. No I did not.…

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    30 Day Health Challenge – Days 18-23

    This post may contain affiliate links. Welcome to my 30-day journey to a healthier and happier self. If you want to join me from the beginning, click the picture above. Day 18 Exercise: None – still in a lot of pain from running Colostrum: Nope Writing: Interacting with others’ blogs Meditation: Isaiah 66:10-14 As one whom his mother comforts; so I will comfort you. Eating: Nothing weird, some dairy, lots of tea (Lipton Herbal Supplement, Stress Less, 15 ct, 0.79 oz). Day 19 Exercise: Yoga stretches Colostrum: None Writing: In blog and in my journal which made me feel restful and focused. Meditation: I journaled in response to questions from Grace for the…

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