Dear Jesus, on Wednesday, with Judas, we betrayed you. Save us from the evil
that is within us. We desire to be the Kings and Queens of our own little Kingdoms and
we pay the consequences of that daily. But, you have gone ahead of us and taken the
consequences upon yourself. – The Most Holy of Weeks

Luke 22:1-6

It is close to Passover, Satan possesses Judas, and Judas conspires with the Chief Priests and Scribes to betray Jesus.

What are the Chief Priests and Scribes Feeling?

They are angry enough with Jesus to want to kill him but afraid of the anger of the people if they did so. They feel like they are stuck in this situation with no way out. Then, Judas comes to them, and they find a way to kill Jesus without “staining” their own reputations.

What are their Deep Desires?

Through killing Jesus, they hope to gain back the control that they had over the people.

What is Satan Feeling?

Ecstatic! He has a way to end this ridiculous Jesus who is such a pain.

What is His Deep Desire?

Through killing Jesus, he hopes to gain back the control of “his” kingdom.

What is Judas Feeling?

This is a tricky one because Satan is possessing Judas. I don’t know if that means that Judas feels the same things as Satan. I assume though that Judas made himself open to Satan by somehow having the motivation to betray Jesus anyway? Perhaps Judas is feeling restless, wanting Jesus’ kingdom to come more quickly, so he takes it upon himself to force a confrontation with Jesus?

What is His Deep Desire?

He wants to force action, perhaps a misguided attempt to bring about God’s kingdom by creating an atmosphere where conflict is required.

What is Jesus Feeling?

I imagine that He is heartbroken. Here is someone whom He has poured His love and wisdom into and has missed the entire point, someone who has deliberately chosen their little kingdom over His kingdom.

What is His Deep Desire?

Jesus wants to heal this broken world. He mourns for its state and desires to influence it for His Father’s kingdom.


Jesus knows that He will be betrayed. He knows, and, yet, He eats Passover with the very one who would betray Him. He is sad but unwavering in the ministry He is called to carry out. Jesus is even kind enough to warn His disciples of His upcoming trials. He earnestly prays for this trial to be taken away from Him but graciously accepts it when it arrives in the form of a kiss from Judas.

Jesus, may I react to my trials with the grace you did. Please teach me to pray as You did on the night you were betrayed.

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