30-Days of Thankfulness: Technology

2) What technology are you grateful for?


I am so grateful for the technology of e-mails.

Because I have chronic pain, it can be difficult to sit and talk with someone, but it is so much easier to write to them a little at a time. It also is so helpful when I have brain fog. If I can’t remember the name for something, I can just google it. It can be quite comical actually. Some of the searches I have done go something like “name for the thing that you put on bread that goes with peanut butter” or “name for when you feel like punching something”. I really should start writing down my google searches. Anyway, it is just so encouraging to open up my e-mail and see a friend’s name in “from” section. (You know who you are you brilliant people who brighten my day!) 

I am grateful for automated social media.

For example, IFTTT (If This Then That) which makes my social media life so much easier. It basically says things for me that I would say, but it makes it automatic so I don’t have to worry or keep track of it, and it is free! Some of my other favorites are Tailwind and Tailwind (affiliate link) makes my pinning life so much easier. I just program in the boards and tribes I want my pin to be pinned to, and the program schedules them for maximum exposure. (P.S. – If you click the link above, you get a free month of Tailwind. Don’t worry, they don’t ask for your credit card or anything.) (affiliate link) helps you thank people and adds articles to your Twitter account from your interests. I feel like my Twitter account has almost taken on a life of its own. (These are all FREE with paid options.)

I am so very thankful for Grammarly (affiliate).

As a teacher and blogger, I can’t afford to make an obvious grammar or spelling mistake. Thankfully, Grammarly has my back. I can write with complete confidence because I know that it will catch me if I write something ridiculous. I love to use it as my third round of editing before submitting a guest post. It gives me that extra bit of confidence that I need to know that my work is polished. (This is a FREE service unless you want to upgrade.)

I am so grateful for the TimeTree App!

I learned about it when I was looking for tools to make my wedding planning easier, and I have used it ever since!  It is a shared online calendar that allows for my husband and me to coordinate our schedules. It saves time in communication and helps us communicate more clearly than otherwise. I truly believe that it has prevented many arguments and frustrations. (This app is FREE!)

I am so grateful for the YouVersion app!

There are both audio and reading Bible plans. You can invite friends to read a plan with you which I have found to be quite fun! This is a great way for me to do a Bible study since with my fibromyalgia, it can be very difficult to get out of the house on the same day every week. I found it quite encouraging to read others’ remarks on the devotions and scriptures. (It’s absolutely FREE!)


Do you have any apps or technology that you are thankful for?


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