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30 Day Fibro-Friendly Health Challenge – Day 2

If you haven’t joined the health challenge, it’s not too late! Click the picture above and read what I am challenging myself to do for 30 days. This is another one of the ways that I am learning to live with my fibromyalgia. I have committed to my health in ways that are reasonable for those with fibromyalgia and highly sensitive people. If you were looking for a challenge that is more about habit building than comparison, this is the health challenge for you. Join me on my journey to a healthier and happier self!

Day 2

What I Did

Exercise: Tai Chi

Colostrum: One tablespoon

Writing: In my blog, in the margins of my books as I read


Beauty is not in your formidableness, but your fragility. – Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life

I practiced thankfulness by telling God about individual things I am thankful for that help me cope with my fibromyalgia.

Eating: I ate from 4 PM – 12 PM.

How I Felt

Exercise: Nauseated and shaky, so I decided to only do Tai Chi today. This might be because I hadn’t eaten.

Colostrum: Man does that stuff taste nasty, especially when I just really wanted read food. I know that it is good for me, so I take it anyway. Next time I need to put it in a smoothie or something though.

Writing: Frustrated because I was having technical issues and my hand hurt. Later, I felt accomplished for all of the writing and editing that I had done.

Meditation: I soaked in a hot bath while I contemplated my blessings despite my brokenness. I started thanking God for the things that help me overcome my difficulties due to fibromyalgia which made me feel both comforted and discontent. I was comforted because I was reminded of the truth, that God’s light shines through my broken cracks, through my fibromyalgia. The discontent came from wanting to believe good comes from my brokenness, but my perfectionism fights against this belief with the ugly lies of unworthiness. I will continue the struggle. I will not give up.

Eating: It was very difficult to wait until 4 PM to eat. I knew that I had to though because I would be out late with friends, eating at 11 PM or so. I felt a little dizzy, and my stomach hurt a lot at first. The pain lowered to a dull roar as the day went on. I busied myself with tasks that would keep my mind off of how hungry I was. Also, I drank a lot of water and had my Lipton Herbal Supplement, Stress Less, 15 ct, 0.79 oz tea. I did not put anything in my tea, and it still tasted wonderful! In fact, I never feel like I need to put anything in this tea. Maybe it is because it has cinnamon in it? What was the first thing I ate? Vanilla Greek yogurt with granola. For someone who is a little dairy sensitive, not the best thing to eat after having fasted for a while. Oh, well. I’m learning.


Want more?

Go to and scroll down to download her amazing High Sensitivity Care Kit:
Self-Care Strategies for your everyday life as a Highly Sensitive Person. It’s FREE!

My mother-in-law gave me this book as a Christmas gift, and it has been helping me renew my mind to see how God is working through my fibromyalgia. Click the picture below to get your own copy!

Have a cup of tea with me! Ever since I started drinking this, I have felt significantly less stressed. Try it out by clicking the picture below!

Please tell me how this challenge is working for you. Do you have any suggestions?

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