10 Things I Learned From My First Year of Teaching

  1. Expect the Rules to Change – Learn them, yes, but be ready for them to change on you. Don’t get frustrated because the rules are actually changed in an attempt to make things better.
  2. Choose to Be Positive – It is easy to make friends through negativity, but fight for a positive attitude because it will hold you up on your hardest days.
  3. Don’t Take It Personally – People will be angry about different things that happen. This is not a reflection on you are. It may be something you can learn from, but others’ opinion of you is not the truth.
  4. Learn From Your Students – Be looking for ways you can learn from your students every day. If you have a teachable attitude, they will, many times, follow your example. They also have some pretty amazing things to teach you if you are willing to listen.
  5. Ask Questions – Remember, this is the year you get a free pass. You are new; you don’t have to hide that you don’t know everything. The only way you will get better is by learning.
  6. Rely on Your Co-Workers – You will mess up, and the co-workers who will be there for you are the co-workers you were there for. Teaching is not an individual but a team sport.
  7. Develop Relationships with Parents – They can be a great support in helping your student be the best that they can be. Understanding parents can also help you understand the environment that the student came from. This will help you understand how to reach that particular student.
  8. Don’t Judge – It is easy to judge others when you are not in their shoes. Don’t do it. Think the best of people, whether it’s a teacher or parent. You don’t know their whole story. Be supportive.
  9. Laugh at Yourself – Many things will go wrong; you’re not perfect. Learn to laugh at yourself and your situations.
  10. Accept Your Students’ Choices – You can give advice when they ask for it, and get a counselor involved if there is some sort of harm involved. Your students will make choices and have to deal with the consequences. You cannot save them from the consequences.



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